WMF coffee machine 9000 S+

Gourmet coffee specialties, individually served to perfection.

The WMF 9000 S+ high-performance fully automated coffee machine has a peak output of up to 350 cups per hour and can make a wide variety of coffee specialities to a professional standard in a matter of minutes. Thanks to its new, innovative operating concept and display, the WMF 9000 S+ can be used in self-service settings and by service personnel – making it ideal for luxury hotels, high-footfall train station cafés, petrol stations and bakeries. What’s more, it can handle the whole spectrum of hot and cold beverage specialities, ranging from coffee, milk and tea to chocolate-based varieties.

The electronically adjustable, high-performance grinders and the heavy-duty brewer ensure that the machine remains durable and suitable for daily use, as does the easy, quick and fully automatic cleaning system. Thanks to the clean-in-place milk system cleaning method, the machine is always HACCP-compliant.

All the components work in perfect harmony, meaning that the WMF 9000 S+ is incredibly easy to use, requires little maintenance and boasts an extra-long service life. This makes it an incredibly reliable machine carrying the coveted “made in Germany” label.

Beverage settings

WMF and its Coffee Machine Business unit adapt to the needs of various types of user. Whether it’s an espresso, café crème or cappuccino, any kind of product can be prepared at exactly the right brewing temperature.

WMF CoffeeConnect

The smart business solution that integrates the WMF 9000 S+ into the WMF CoffeeConnect digital platform opens up a variety of options for making your business even more efficient and profitable.

Dynamic Milk

Dynamic Milk is a patented milk system that makes it possible to create four different consistencies for hot milk foam and three variations for cold milk foam as well as hot and cold milk.

Peak performance

Achieve top performance reliably with our innovative and high-powered grinders, a high-performance pump and a robust, heavy-duty brewer.


The patented SteamJet system from WMF can bring any cup to the perfect temperature in no time. For the ultimate in coffee quality.

Advertising options

Boost your turnover before your very eyes. Display promotional animations or special offers on the 10-inch display in self-service mode.

Hot water control

Three preset hot water temperatures for various tea varieties and even better precision for the dispensing temperature allow you to create the perfect cup of tea.

Dynamic Milk 2-milk

Allows you to use two types of milk, including normal, low-fat, soya or lactose-free.

Operating concept

The customisable user interface offers a new level of freedom when configuring the layout and special functions. Suitable for all types of user.

Choc mixer

The new Choc mixer for making chocolate milk or chociatto guarantees easy, intuitive and safe usage, less need for maintenance and a long service life.
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